Saturday, December 8, 2012

bronze casting underway

Here are some photos from my bronze casting class. We finally got to pour on Monday into cope&drag petrobond molds. Our next pour will be for the silica sand molds, which we melted the wax forms out of yesterday. More to come..
You can see more photos at CSUN's sculpture page on Faceboook.

Preparation of a sand mold; coyote jawbone and an old key.
Working with petrobond sand
[This awesome night pour photo is by Farnaz Sabet]
Here is the furnace and sand molds after our Monday pour.

Our sculpture room is a garage converted to a workshop. It's unremarkable but feels like a home more than any other classroom of mine. I also have to express how much I've truly enjoyed being part of this amazing community of sculpture students and professors.
Here are wax forms, now being dipped in silica sand. The wax will be melted out to create the negative space for a bronze pour.

This class has been my most laborous this semester, but in the best way. I find it so easy and really enjoyable to be able to do hands-on art, and I'm beginning to realize how fundamental, or how therapeutic it is for me to be able to work with various processes. From my travels I look back at awe of what ancient civilizations had accomplished with metalworking, and with so much precision and skill. I feel like something our society has lost (or continues to lose) is the motivation, time and resources for everyday people to develop virtuosity with a certain hobby or artistic skill set.. & I feel I need to be a part of a renaissance that happens outside of pedestrian hegemony.

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