Thursday, August 9, 2012

Son et lumière

So my bestest pal Millie wanted to set up her new room with something special and unique, so we came up with the idea of this installation. We made this abstract cloud shape with chicken wire and fabric, then added some cotton twine on top. Inside are 2 sets of christmas lights, hooked up to a color organ. I had been interested in color organs since researching more about them last year. I got one and used it a lot last Christmas. And then Millie got one too. Basically the organs that we have split digital music input into three separate power channels which you plug lights into, creating an audio-driven light show. It took us a while to set up. The result? We got some cool looking thing that fills up typically unutilized room space, and we also get a light and music show. It has the slightest bit of lag but still makes for a great visual experience. It looks pretty cosmic in the dark. See a brief video below..

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