Friday, May 4, 2012

CSUN Student Gallery Show & My Academic Achievement Award

Hi all! Here I am being an artist with my horse sculpture in the annual student gallery show. I'm really happy it has been able to be presented formally where it looks its best! It's fragile and heavy, so I'm really grateful for the efforts of the gallery volunteers who dealt with it perfectly.
It got its own corner. And look at the shadows. This makes me happy.

Also, thanks to my 4.0 GPA (and some successful last-minute artist statement writing) I've been awarded an Academic Achievement Award Scholarship, given to me by the Dean of CSUN himself.  Congrats to my friends who have also received awards - the great sculptor Garett Pointer, and talented cartoonist Sandra Rivas. Also a big thanks to my mentoring professors Mark Farquhar, Mary Trujillo, Christian Tedeschi, and Ken Jones; with them I've had such a good experience at school these past few years.

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