Friday, April 27, 2012

Getty Villa Visit

My pals had to do a last minute report involving architecture at the Getty Villa. So we went. And had fun and such.
 This pose is how I feel often.

We found the kids' activity center and had some fun decorating pots with dry-erase markers.
Jumping photos are important.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

summer & winter pasture

Digitally painting these -using a variety of brushes and effects- to be used for backgrounds.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Special Spirits

It's been a memorable Easter weekend.
I enjoyed filming and editing this video for Special Spirit's 2nd annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser, with help from my good friend Sara Tayyar (owner of Special Spirit horse Reggie). Special Spirit is an amazing program run and supported by amazing people.

Animals are so important in my my life, as they are with most other people I know (and surely everyone in the video above). While they are different from us in many ways, we share a significant commonality: they love just as we do. They show us all the time, often in ways we overlook. This is why a life shared with animals is therapeutic for everyone. From all human beings to other sentient creatures; while our experiences differ vastly, a capacity for giving exists throughout, and that love is the same across the board.
It’s pretty profound.
Yesterday my family lost our golden Summer whom we've had for 11 years, since she was a puppy. Now that she's gone I realize now, so acutely, how much she was always there for me. We will miss her quite a lot.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

make every day horse day

Still sketched from memory. 
Got to go out and do more live sketching.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Disney Inspire Days

I was fortunate to attend Disney's inspire days last Thursday at the studio in Burbank. It was a highly organized one-day event for all of us college students from around the country. John Musker talked to us about his journey through Disney and showed us some hilarious character sketches of his colleagues back in the 70's (notably hilarious ones of Tim Burton when he got his wisdom teeth pulled and made a spectacle of himself in the studio with his bloody mouth). We saw some really exciting things currently in development over there throughout the day, got a studio tour, & saw a technologically groundbreaking short film that will be out sometime soon. At the end, Eric Goldberg came and did a brief lecture about character appeal. It was a great experience.
 (hahah try and find me)
I respect the Disney company for having such a huge influence on the world. I think the neatest thing is how film can be a platform of shared experience between strangers. It speaks to how important it all is; how surprisingly far it reaches people.  My greatest goal as an artist is to be able to spark wonder in other individuals. Art is a profound way of connecting to each other, as it is able to present the depths of our experience as human beings. In this way, the pursuit of creative work calls for a deeper and meaningful investigation of living. I'd like to be a part of that; and I see that one path to this could be to be part of creative teams who make stories and visuals that last through generations.